Sunday, 7 December 2014

Magnetising The Metal Avatar

I won the old metal Avatar Of Khaine the other week. I was looking at this and trying to work out how to get together, from past experience glue is not great on it's own on bigger models. I have magnets in a pot, so plan A was to magnetise the arms to the body and torso to legs. Both arms are magnetised, I'm thinking of cutting the sword off and giving him a knife and what will look like a shimmer shield projector, the other arm is holding a sovnya or nagamaki made from a LotR Troll pointy stick, the blade is plasti card and green stuff. If I do cut the sword off, I'll make an Elven knife out of plasti card or maybe just swop the blade over so he has an intimidating blade.


greggles said...

Good call on the magnets. I have an old big mek with shokk gun that is all metal. It's nothing but magnets holding it together. I completely gave up on pinning and gluing it. Now if it gets dropped, the impact travels to the magnets, and pops off, instead of the model taking the brunt of the impact.

Poxy Proxy Predator said...

There was nothing worse than the mini you'd spent hours painting and glueing and pinning and it drops and breaks/distorts and chips, magnets give it an easy fault line to break along.