Sunday, 4 October 2015

I think my OCD is showing... Or possibly my Mid-life crisis.

So as you guys know I am working on a Harlequin army and the thing keeps getting bigger and bigger. I have 90 already assembled and painted with 2 more Troupes left to build which gets me up to 110 Harlequins which is a Troupe short of full 4 Codex Masques. I also need 8 Skyweavers and a Dark Eldar Reaper to fill this up.
So plan A
Has the 3 big Troupes mounted on the Dark Eldar Tanatalos with a Dark Eldar Reaper as the Heavy Support and some actual proper Skyweavers.
Troupe 2, 3 & 4 will be as they are now with Raiders as transport and the home brew Skyweavers.
I've spent most of the afternoon writing the list out with pen and paper (how old school?) and I have 2 costs for this, the first is full Troupes of 10 and no room on the Raider for the Death Jester and Shadowseer, the lower cost is with Troupes of 8 which leaves space for the Death Jester and Shadowseer to ride on the transport. 8080 all maxed out or 7810 at the lower cost as it stands currently, as I like to fill up the slots expect that cost to grow as each Skyweaver and Voidweaver unit is filled to it's max unit allowance... Okay I may have problem...

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greggles said...

Nah not a problem, you are among good company here :)