Sunday, 25 October 2015

Masques Within The Masque

Masque Of The Breaking Dawn, current state of play with the infantry. In need of 1 old Warlock and 20 minis for 2 Troupes of 10 and 3 to fill out 2 Troupes in The First Masque. And then lots of Voidweavers & Skyweavers, 3 Tantlouses and a lastly a Reaper!

Troupe Of The Heroic Dead, just need to add some matching colour to the Shadowseer and Death Jester.

The Troupe Of The Deceiver

The Brides Of Lazarou, these 3 Troupes make up the Mime Masques.

The 2nd Masques, Troupe Grey Angel, Troupe Of The Frozen Heart, Troupe Miller.

The 3rd Masque or rather what I have made of so far, still need 20 more for this to complete the last 2 Troupes.

The 1st Masque, with The Troupe Of The Crimson Kings Guards, The League Of Shadows and The Star Players.

The Star Players.

For now I'm planning on painting the Shadowseer and Death Jester for the The Wyld Ones and the Death Jester for the Royal Flush when I get a chance, for now I have 60 hours of work between Monday and Friday and I want to watch the new Bond film next weekend as well as get some stuff painted.

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