Wednesday, 7 October 2015

What's In A Name

My Harlequin army is getting a lot of focus currently, the Star Players are mostly based on Batman Villains with a couple of characters from other sources thrown in to fill the numbers out. The problem I have is that the villains have names that aren't very Eldar/ ancient sounding so I had to spend time thinking of names that matched the villains but still sounded Eldarish, while th names for the various transports and gunboats are ship names from Iain M Banks Culture books. Each Masque has a number. Also I know that Mimes don't really have rules currently buy I like the idea of having something other than just The Chorus.
So here we have the list;
Star Players
Troupe Master- Joker - Cegorach.
Master Mime - Ras 'Al 'Ghul - The Dæmonhead.
Mime - Bane - The Brute of Commorragh.
Trouper- Greegann - The Crimson King.
Trouper- Milliner - The Crowned Fool.
Mime- Scarecrow - The Deceiver.
Trouper - Freeze - The King With The Frozen Heart.
Trouper - Poison Ivy - The Wild One.
Mime - Papa Lazarou - He Who Takes.
Mime - Skeleton - Bringer Of Night.
Trouper - Azreil - The Grey Angel.
Trouper - High Card - King Of Hearts.
Shadowseer - Harley Quinn- The Mother.
Death Jester - 2 Face - The 2 Faced Killer.
Every Masque has 3 Troupes, 2 Skyweaver Squadrons and a heavy support choice.
The First Players Masque is made up of The Star Players, The League Of Shadows and The Crimson Kings Guards, as each troupe in this masque is planned to have 12 troupers and a Shadowseer and a Death Jester and they are the first players I plan to buy 3 Tantalos for them which, along with all the Reader, the other squadrons and transports are named after ships from the Culture books. The Tantalos are named, So Much For Subtlety , Grey Area and Prosthetic Conscience, as this is the top Troupe rather than go with a squadron of Voidweavers I plan to use the Heavy Support slot for a Dark Eldar Reaper which will be named Irregular Apocalypse, the 2 Skyweaver Squadrons, as with all the Skyweavers in this army have the Gravitas names, Squadron 1 is Gravitas Free Zone, Squadron 2 is Size Isn't Everything
Masque 2 is the Mimes, Skeleton's Troupe is The Heroic Dead, Lazarou Troupe is The Takers and Scarecrow's Troupe is The Deceiver. The Raiders are The Jaundiced Outlook, Little Rascal and What Are The Civilian Applications, The Void Weavers are Gunboat Diplomat. The Big Stick and A Frank Exchange Of Views.
The Skyweavers are Death And Gravitas and Gravitas... Gravitas, No Don't Tell Me, I'll Get It In A Moment.
Masque 3 has the Troupes of Azreil, The Grey Angels, Freeze, The Frozen Hearted and Miller, The Crowned Fools.
The Raiders are Wisdom Like Silence, No Fixed Abode and The Mocking Gaze Of The Laughing God.
The Voidweavers are Unacceptable Behaviour, Tactical Grace and Problem Child.
The Skyweavers are A Low Gravitas Warning Signal and Gravitas, What Gravitas.
And the 4th Masque has the Troupes of The King Of Hearts, The Nobility Of Old, Poison Ivy, The Wild Ones and Troupe Joker, Cegorach.
The Raiders are Recent Convert, Ethics Gradient and Smiling, Tolerant.
The Voidweavers are Honest Mistake, Quietly Confidently and Attitude Adjuster.
The Skyweavers are Zero Gravitas and Absolutely No You Know What.
The Venom is Cantankerous.
The Razorwing is Malice Aforethought and the 2 Wraithlord are Ynneads Laughter and Winter Star.

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