Friday, 1 November 2019

Dread Tober Hangover

As I recover from putting all those dreads away I'm left a few plans for next year's main Armies on Parade board and the reserve board. So the main board I'm planning is the Recruitment Fleet.
The Night Lords dread is getting scrapped and replaced with twin fists and assault cannons mounted on the outside of the fists, have the assault cannons and the heavy bolter ammo packs already, just need a Blood Angel dread to do this one. The twin las cannons dread is going to be converted to a sonic dreadnought, got a couple of Bratz Rock Angels coming, this includes the key board going to work on one of the chaos dreads to be the keyboard player.
The Lion's Blades dreads.
I was surprised by how close in size the Deredo is to the Abomination class dreads.
Already planning to add a couple of Björns, one in Tartarus plate and one in Cataphractii Armour just for fun.
So yes, already covered most of what I'm changing on this, the is a plan to get some of the bits from the servo haulers that'll be used on the Iron Hands dreadnought and theres a couple of bits from the Imperial Objectives sprues that I want to use for this board. To round this out there's the plan for a box of plastic Tartarus, mk2 and mk3 and the Sisters Of Silence to cover this lot. There is every possibility that the Cataphractii Björn will appear on this board.
The Star Leopards chapter dread still stands alone, no plans to add any more dreads to this army , as I'm sat here now I'm contemplating the 2020 vow of expanding the current demi companies into full companies which pulls several squads that I had planned to paint for the Star Leopards and do them for the Lion's Blades.
The full Chaos Section
This is nearly done just need 1 more dread to make the sacred number of Nurgle.
And the old guy and the new guy.
The Contemptor section, this is planned for expansion next year with a Kharn, Arhiman, Lucius and Abandon versions certainly, with the potential for a Dark Apostle as well.
And the odds and sods, the Mentors Chapter, Sister Stern, and The Glorious 1000 are part of the Ordo Astartes strike force, the Hounds dread is spare currently and the Honour Guard Redemptor is planned to get a couple of re-enforcements with a couple of close combat versions planned.


Siph_Horridus said...

A fair few Dreads done and an Epic collection of Dreads you have there!

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Mordian7th said...

That seems like a totally reasonable number of dreads to me! :D

Poxy Proxy Predator said...

Everything is stored securely so that's not a problem.