Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Building Day

 Spent a nicely balanced day yesterday, house work, building minis, shopping and Destiny 2.

I started with the High Marshal Halbrecht conversion, with trying the build on the Indomitus Crusade box Chaplain. 

In one of those really annoying moments when I'd got the head sorted by green stuffing the cross on, I found a better head on the biker Chaplain sprue. 

As it was late when I found that head I didn't try and green stuff the head band on it. 

I also finally got the biker Chaplain together as I kept misplacing the instructions for it. Minor mistake in getting the wrong plates in the wheels. Having built this and the Indomitus box versions I prefer this one. 

The last bit built was the Blade Guard Veterans box, yes I know, no heads and no tilt plates. If you can get this box with a discount then it is absolutely worth it.

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