Friday, 12 February 2021

Monthly Vow 12th Of January To The 12th Of February

 Need to prioritise better...

Missed the monthly target but have been aiming for quality over quantity. 

Plan for this month is the Blade Guard Veterans and the Chaplain on bike as a core goal, there is a plan for a more active pose Ezikael that, as long as I've been paid, I can order the bits next week, have a word of mouth agreement with my local store, well message exchange asking them to get the bits, there's still the High Marshal Halbrecht to do, then there's the Blood Bowl team for the youngest, which given the work life balance and what not might be enough. 

There is a plan to to a Beliel for the above photo from the Forge World Contemptor Gladius, the Custodian version with the Sword and shield, would need to add some heavy bolters to the shield arm for, but as that is currently out of stock, as is the Dark Angels Leviathan I'm okay with topping up my copper jar until they are back in stock, I might also through a Relic Contemptor in there for a reworking of The Storm Lord. 


Sapphire and Steel got done, I have done the chains I just put them in a box with some of the old House Delac and the Imperial Pilot minis I've bought to go with them.

Finally got everything for this one and I also found the shoulder pad I'd intended to use in the first place under the sofa, so far I've enjoyed doing these upgrades to the classic characters. 

Next up was the Ezikael Primaris conversion a few people have talked about using the Phobos Librarian body for it instead, but I don't see it with him in this stance, the Judiciar body is more suited to that one. 

So the second version is the enguard Obi Wan stance, thankfully GW are in a pointy hand phase.

I missed a few details on the banner until I got a nuln oil wash on it, I still missed the sword going through the book until I looked in an old codex. 

For an old metal mini those details are still sharp. 

And done, yes I swopped the base out to one I had already done with astrogranite after I'd done the finished photo, as you can see in the top photo where the gang is all together. 

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