Sunday, 28 February 2021

High Marshal Halbrecht Conversion

 Had a day off this week and made a start on this one. Plan A so far is the grey melta gun add on.

The head I'm using is the unhelmeted head from the Chaplain on bike sprue. 

The sword heft is currently too long, no argument at all, so plan A with that is first stop, cut it at the orange line and then trim that off just below the ring that the original Croiser was mounted on, I filed both the sword where I had cut it and the ring flat, and sat with it for 20 minutes while the glue cured.

What's left at this stage is the Holy Hand Grenade knee pad, there's a tiny bit of filing needed to get a nice fit on the leg, but I'm not touching that until my next day off, where as I think I'll tackle the sword and attachment when I get out of work on Tuesday and Thursday this week. 

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