Sunday, 11 April 2021

Björn The Fell Handed Again

Once again the Rift in the Engine Room pulses with unlight and waves of etheric energy ripple through that quarter of the ship, and from the Rift in Space/Time another version of the Wolf Lord steps through. 

 The Gregor Fell Hand arrived the other day, and I was able to get the arms off the body, but the torso and legs couldn't be broken apart and had to be cut off. Which means work in the legs to make the join to the body look comfortable.

I have also received another Ezikael, this one will be built as is to have a master and padawan vide to stand alongside the Primaris version, the Ruststalkers are part of the plan for a 4 armed, long legged Necron lord, but after looking at the sprues I'm thinking the dual bladed bad ass is going to come from this kit as well.

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