Thursday, 29 July 2021

Silver Dart, The Iron Hide of Dakkara

 The snips I'd ordered finally arrived from Hong Kong *note to self, check sellers location before buying on ebay*.

I trimmed the mounting points down on this and re-fitted the magnets. The only thing left to do is touch up the shin plate and this is done.

I'm struggling a bit with motivation right now, as I was pysked up to finish The Lion, but am stuck waiting for the replacement part and just don't feel like starting anything else at this time.

One othee thing I have done is possibly come up with a plan for a colour scheme for the Necron army. I was chatting with the guy I know in Tokyo this morning and the idea came to me about the doing a grey ceramic colour scheme, but with the leaders being repaired /threaded with gold veins to show where they have been damaged. 

I might dig a spare Necron Lord out tomorrow and see how it looks. 

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