Thursday, 15 July 2021

Surprise Dreadnought

As I said when I posted the Björn Intercessor the other day, I was going to see how the Apothecary white contrast looks over something that is supposed to be metal,also my living room smells like detol still.
Digging the Iron Warriors Contemptor out of last years Armies on Parade box I put it in some detol to strip first thing, after a wash off and Halfords grey plastic primer it got an ushabati bone base coat, a stormhost silver coat, followed by a seraphim sepia wash.

Next up was the Apothecary White contrast. I honestly think I'd use this if I was looking to do a metallic metal army. One thing I would consider is maybe drop the ushabati bone stage to save a bit of time.

I will go back and do the hazard stripes, most likely at the weekend now. 

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