Tuesday, 26 May 2020

The World After

6 months after it happened, with food and fuel running out in the bunker and wanting something to drink other than recycled water, the group drew staws for who should be first to go on a scavenger trip. They studied the camera footage, and flew the drones out as far as they'd go, retrieval of those was also now on the to do list, but it still hadn't prepared the team for what they'd find in the world afterwards.
The selected crew assembled in the entrance of the bunker, a couple of the bunker population were preparing the Off roader that had been selected for the first mission. The administrater was waiting for the crew, "first off, thank you for agreeing to go on the mission, even if you drew the short straw you can still back out, there are some volunteers eager to take a look outside, but for our first look I'd like to think we're sending out a team that will be coming back with some extra supplies."
The team preparing the Hotspur Hussar hybrid finished by disconnecting the power cable and waved everyone over, the lead mechanic started his briefing " Right, there's a full tank, and full batteries, you've got spare batteries and jump cables to help restart anything you might come across to help transport supplies back, as well as this," he handed over a length of pipe, "to syphon fuel out of anything" the mechanic then handed each of the 5 members of the party a small tool kit wrap, "magnetic screw driver with 7 bits, 2 small adjustable spanners, sockets, ratchets, spanner set, hammer, punch& chisel to punch a hole if the filler cap has an anti theft filter, don't loose them, these are almost as important as any weapon you take, if you find more tools, snag them as well for us. And now for the internals I'll hand you over to the technical guy." The technical guy was still in the back of the Hussar, going over the systems one last time, she brushed some hair from her face and looked at the party and smiled. "the system in here is the same as everything else, so there's nothing new to learn on that front, there's a camera mast to give you a wider field of view," she pointed at the control panel for the mast, "but it's not really something you can use while moving, so we've packed in several small drones to help with spotting points of interest," the drones were packed on a shelf near the roof, she jumped down and walked around from the back door to the front door and opened it up," the drive is a standard h pattern gear box, the hussar is a 6 wheeler, with 2 front and 4 rear wheels all driven," she pointed to the sides, "2 spares if you get a puncture and repair kit is in a panel in the door, if you need it. And now back to the administrator" The administrater pulled out 2 lists and handed them to the to the crew, " Short lists for the first time out, fresh water and fuel are top, locate the drones and pick them up if they are still usable. And lastly update the map after what happened," the administrator walked over to the door lock, hand on the palm reader and eye to the retinal scanner, and the unlock option flashed up, the administrator looked at the crew," good luck out there, "he said as he pressed the button, the siren sounded, and several loud clunk's as the lock disengaged, the blast door swung open, the crew got in the Hotspur and slowly drove into the tunnel that lead to the outside, it turned gently through 45 degrees and through several baffles that looked like a fighter jet could pass through them, the technician, mechanic and administer followed them out, and watched as they reached the opening that lead outside. "the nearest city is that way." the administrate pointed down the concrete runway.

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