Thursday, 14 May 2020

Harlequin Plans

At the end of the last Monthly Vow post I brought up the Harlequins and said I plan to swop out some of the old fantasy Wardancers for some of the Daughters of Khaine underworld minis, I also had a dig in my Harlequins case today and pulled out some of the other bits I'm thinking of changing.
First up the Shadow Seer from the Star Players Troupe, I expect to do poorly on this one.
This is one of mine that I was happy with for a while, just looking at it today though I feel it could have been better or I could have used a better mini, so I bought a Dire Avengers Exarch and will use that to replace the Paladin in the Lords of Old Troupe.
I honestly think I'll get 2 of this, and add one as a choice for the Solitaire, as for this one it'll replace the Executioner in the Star Players Troupe who was Death.
This is another one from the Star Players Troupe, The One Who Takes, that will be replaced by the dashing character with the fancy villain Cape.
This one will be used, I just need to get my hands on it to decide what I'm doing with it.
And this is going to be a Death Jester just not sure which Masque to put it in.

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