Saturday, 23 May 2020

Marine Pick Cleaned Up

Not my work, found on the wilds of 40k Facebook groups, so can't credit the cleaner. Edit This could be the the spear head boxed set for 9th ed. 10 assault intercesors 3 Primaris Bikers 5 sword and board veterans 3 heavy weapon troopers 1 ancient 1 chaplain-esque model with the hourglass and sword (Word is he’s a librarian) 1 chaplain-esque model with maul (Word is he could be Primaris Cassius) 20 Necron warriors 1 Necron noble with stave and 2 retainers 1 Necron noble with war glaive and 2 scarab bases 1 Necron Destroyer 3 lesser multi legged Necron warrior constructs like we saw the sister and marine fight in the trailer 1 greater multi legged Necron warrior construct like we saw at the end of the trailer 1 construct of unclear purpose 1 multi legged war construct with a shell that resembles that of a canoptek spyder

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