Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Monthly Vow 14th of April To The 12th Of May

Yes I definitely have failed at all targets this month, but with the problems with the bed and *waves hand at what's going on in the wider world* my mental health took a big dip this month, on a positive note the damn screw arrived for the bed today so my first build this month is the new bed, probably when I get out of work on Thursday morning. Beyond the new bed the Night Haunt Knights and the second part of the grave yard set are top of the list both the one for me and the commission piece for my Co worker, there is a bolt pistol arm and a plasma pistol arm I want to put on the Lazarus mini, going forward those Intercessors aren't going to paint themselves, so will set a safe goal of 1 squad and finish the Repulsor
Review Time
Started off with putting the Chaplain Dreadnought back together and painting it, there was a pause while I found a thumb for it, which was donated by the herald dread.
Also got the other 2 in this Talon out for a photo.
This Primaris Lieutenant came with the box of Silver Templar's stuff at the tail end of Conquest's run, and was a nice easy return to power armour.
Master Lazarus was a couple of nights work as by the end of the first night I couldn't focus on the details of the shoulder pads.
These 2 are lovely, really nice and quick to put together with no big gaps.
I started to put this together and was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of stuff that goes on it, and my mood wasn't good at this point.
This one doesn't have a plan, I got a load of bits off a mate this month and in there was a few Harlequins bits, including something that could be used as the Shadow Seer 's grenade pack, I have 2 of these and 1 of those is going on the Spell Singer I'm using as this Troupes Shadow Seer. With the previews of the underworld boxes and the shadow elves I knew I was going to use those for some stuff in the Harlequins box, I dig out the Wyld One's Troupe and instantly decided to bin the very old Wardancers and will, when that box is out replace them with those, the Lumineth female wizard I like to think I'll use that to replace my Star Player Shadow Seer as the Mother, the Hollow Armoured guy I'm planning on folding into either the Nobility of Old Troupe as The Emperor or possibly their player in the Star Players Troupe, just need to go through that box again, and wait for those to be released.


Frost and Fists said...

Some really cool work in this month! I especially love the dread! All of these look like they'll he really cool projects when you're done though!
~ Wolfbrother Methos

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