Saturday, 23 May 2020

Necron Side Cleaned Up

Edit for a better pic
Again someone else's work. Edit This could be the the spear head boxed set for 9th ed. 10 assault intercesors 3 Primaris Bikers 5 sword and board veterans 3 heavy weapon troopers 1 ancient 1 chaplain-esque model with the hourglass and sword (Word is he’s a librarian) 1 chaplain-esque model with maul (Word is he could be Primaris Cassius) 20 Necron warriors 1 Necron noble with stave and 2 retainers 1 Necron noble with war glaive and 2 scarab bases 1 Necron Destroyer 3 lesser multi legged Necron warrior constructs like we saw the sister and marine fight in the trailer 1 greater multi legged Necron warrior construct like we saw at the end of the trailer 1 construct of unclear purpose 1 multi legged war construct with a shell that resembles that of a canoptek spyder

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