Thursday, 23 January 2014

Chosen Formation And Bikes.

Day off yesterday and I attended to some of my Marines, notably the Chosen, I spent a while dry brushing the robes on all 10, after I'd gone over the 2 sephia painted ones with ushabtii bone and given them a nuln oil wash. I like dry brushing, it requires little effort but yeilds great results. I plan to go over the 2nd squad as well to lighten them up on Friday. Onto the bikes, well sprayed the 2 attack bikes and one bike shiny black, these I'll be going over with gw black on Friday morning or my next chance. The riderless bike I'm planning on making into a Chaplin. As you can see all bikes of both Y Unhallowed and The Lion's Blades have been touched up to more closely match the other so they don't look out of place when I try running a Ravenwing Army.

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