Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Lion's Blades 2nd Company

So over Christmas my 2nd Company got reinforced with the addition of the Land Speeder Vengence and after I finished painting it up in The Lion's Blades colours I thought I would dig out the rest of The Lion's Blades 2nd Company and and get some photos of them. I didn't realise how many I had gathered...
My Land Speeder Vengence, after getting some other minis out of the carry case I noticed that I had done the pladrons the wrong way round, so not finished just yet. I've also added a red veterans stripe to helmets of the crew as that seemed like a good idea.
11 Bikes? I had no idea I had that many... 3 are Space Marine bikers and the rest are Chaos Marine Bikers,I need to repaint these 2 so I can field them in both armies as currently Y Geiriadur have 2 4 Marine bike squads. Will have to add a bit more screaming beige skull and scarlet to the 2 bikes, pick up another lone bike and add 2 attack bikes to them to make 2 full Ravenwing Squads. I really did not know I was that close to 2 full squads.
My Ravenwing Command Squad, massively converted, mounted on Fantasy Empire Demigryphs. I do intend to add some more to this unit, just not yet, and my Librarian on a bike. This is the 2nd ed Chaos bike and a knocked up conversion with an Elf sword as a Force Weapon.
The 3 Land Speeders I have, 2 Tornados that can be assigned to the 2 squads and a a Typhoon, now I know I can file magnets down and not loose anything look for the weapon pods to look better soon.
The Nephilim Jet Fighter, I fully expect this machine to distract the enemy shooting for turn 1 and get blown out of the sky. If I add in some of my Terminators, scout a bike squad forward, and deep strike a termi squad in in my movement phase, and I have first turn, it might get into the 2nd turn. Going back over this I still intend to add a counts as Sammael, I'm just not sure if I'm going to buy an old metal jet bike off ebay, wait to see what other jet bikes Forge World bring out, or go ahead and buy the Scimitar pattern and some energy blasts to look like exhaust blasts. I do intend to buy the Javelin class Land Speeder for a counts as Ravenclaw
And these guys came threw the post this morning, 18 khorne Berzerkers that I intend to hack up, file down and repaint into the 2 assault squads for the Lion's Blades 3rd Company. The robed veterans I get spare out of this are staying spare for now, apart from the ones I need to give the Tactical Squads and Assault Squads a ribed vet as a Sgt.

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Poxy Proxy Predator said...

I appear to have deleted a comment by mistake, sorry about that. Most of these are old builds brought together for this photo. As to keeping going, I struggle to finish projects the last 10 guard for my Chaos army have been dumped in the box unfinished because something newer came along. I use painting as a way to relaxe when I get the time of course.