Saturday, 18 January 2014

Next Squad

So finished the first squad of the narsty narsty Chaosy Khorne Berzerkers and made them into nice Dark Angel Successor Chaptor Assault Marines. The Veteran Sgt is one of my first conversions, he started out as the Captain in the Blackreach box set, I changed the chest piece and head and have added the axe, with all the broken bits from the 'zerkers I'm sure I'll find a right hand for him somewhere. Above is the second squad that I'm going to start later. And in the last photo we have the bikes that I picked up from the post office this morning taking my 2nd Company to 2 full squads, I'm thinking of repainting the 3 Lions Blades bikes so they match the Y Unhallowed bikes a bit more, and say that the red is a veteran status mark. The blue and silver bikes look okay, the silver and red attack bike is loaded with paint so I'm going to have to tidy that one up before I get round to painting it.

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