Thursday, 9 January 2014

Yesterdays WIP, Doesn't Look Like Much I Know

Right so had a day off yesterday and got working on those Khorne Berzerkers. I know it looks like I haven't done a lot, but trust me a lot got done. I took some arms and all back packs off, as well as those stoopid bunny ears. While taking all the bits off I found some of the large back pack that I like and one of them was put to one side. I broke some arms and a couple of packs came off in bits but thats fine as I intend to take the arms off the vet and swop them over and give them jump packs more often than not. The pack I had put to 1 side was painted black, I added the feathers from my counts as Gabriel Seth and waited for the paint and glue to dry, I did this so the power pack matches the prototype Terminator armour I have made up for my counts as Tiberus The Red Wake, my plan for the Knights Of Blood is to run them as Counts As Flesh Tearers, if they get a supplement (unless The Knight of Blood get a supplement as well) and also as a Counts As Charcadons. I'll wait and see what other varient Terminator Armour Forge World bring out for the Horus Heresy to use as the Troop choice of Lightning Claws Terminators that Tiberus grants you. Oh yes I forgot,I've also added a photo of the new Dr. Who in costume

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