Friday, 3 January 2014

Getting Cracking On The Plan Already

Got home from an extra shift today, got to love people that phone in sick, to find a nice big brown parcel, and a big box (well I'd actually picked the box up before going into work but that makes a better story)  and I'd just won a lot on ebay of 18 Khorne Berzerkers as well, that I intend to paint up and replace my robed veteran minis with. The vets will be used to replace the Sgts of the 3 tactical squads, the assault squads and dev squads, not sure what I'll do with the left overs for this swop.
Escalation was in the brown paper parcle, so The Poxy Proxy Banesword now has the offical data sheet and might be getting more conversion done it as it's allowed 2 pairs of sponsons. It already has twin linked heavy bolters and las cannons, so I'm thinking of adding the heavy flamers and las cannons to the front corners possibly using the flamers I've magnetised for the Land Speeders, I just need to find 2 las cannons to magnetise as well.
I now have a Vengence Land Speeder, that one came out of the big box, still don't know if there's a skimmer base in the box as it's securely packaged. I'm thinking of adding the vault bits from the Dark Talon and some other DA bits I have knocking around to see if I can get a passable Dark Shroud knocked up. Of course all these projects will get coverage on tbe blog.

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