Sunday, 28 June 2020

9th Edition Rides Roughshod Over Yearly Vow Plans.

Like a lot of you out there I've been looking at 9th and thinking 9kay so how do I fold this into my yearly hobby plan, and this is my response so far, dependent on getting 2 boxes of course & expect updates as time progresses. I'm dropping the 2 old bike squads, so no worries at all, gone, if I thought I could sell them on ebay I would, and not loose a seconds sleep, need to check if I need at least one of the attack bikes to finish off the bikes I already have. And yes I am currently planning on making one of the sgts in this pose, because I am old and this is still cool.
As I can't be sure that the seperate boxes of bikes will be out this years I'm just going to concentrate on those 6 for now. The Assault Intercessors are going to replace 20 of the Intercessors I'd planned to do for the Lion's Blades, the Blade Veterans will be in 1st company colours following the visual guidelines already shown. The 20 Intercessors displaced will be going back to the Star Leopard box, for 2021. The officers bar 1 Judicious guy will be split half for the Lion's Blades and this years goal and half for the Star Leopards for now, and 2021. The only thing left after these is the 2nd squad of Incurrsors that I need to buy, which I'll do at the same time as the 2 Indomitus boxes. The one Judicial guy I've kept to one side is going to be converted like this one as I think it looks a e.
So I'll need an Ork and a squig... The last thing on the to do list is a 7th Nurgle dread, not firm on plans for this yet, not even decided on a base dread or donar Nurgle machine yet the drone or hauler, but I've hopefully got a couple of weeks to make up my mind before the big release. I do plan to keep one half of Necons with the plan to paint them in 2021, looks like the guard are getting rolled again, unsure if they'll be getting added to though.


Frost and Fists said...

Very cool plans! It's awesome that you posed the Outrider like the bike from Akira! Great throwback!

Poxy Proxy Predator said...

That was a total geek moment, I can't deny it