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Rainbow Sparkle Power Friends Reunion Part 4.

Rainbow Sparkle Power Friends Reunion Part 4.
The sounds of activity in the garden drifted in on the wind, while Kat centred herself, she was unsure how long she'd been meditating when she registered the sound of a car pull up outside and a babble of voices emerged followed by slamming doors, multiple footsteps and a knock on the door, Kat stood and walked over to the door and opened it, Angel and her kids were outside, her oldest daughter, Valentina was about 12, the middle son, Raul was about 8 or 9 and she'd already met the youngest, Gabriel at the bar. the other day. The kids were introduced to each other and went out into the garden. Another a knock at the door and Claire was let in in her FBI jogging suit. Angel looked her up and down, "do you wear that on stake outs? Like jogging around a hide out in that, does it not draw attention?" "the yellow FBI on the dark blue does stand out" Kat agreed. "fuck off" Claire replied, "so what's the route plan?" Kat discrided the route out of to the river in the woods, and on to the lightening stroke tree, then back over on the other path, about a mile and half in total, Claire played with her fit bit, and stretched, Angel and Kat both stretched. " what's your best time?" Claire asked. "about 15 minutes, but this isn't a race." Kat replied," come on let's get going." As the trio went out into the garden Angel wondered where the kids were, and Kat suggested they must have gone upstairs and be on the games machine. The 3 of them set out and made good time, reached the tree, and turned back on the other path they reached the bridge over the river and crossed when Amy shouted "loose" and 8 water bombs looped over a bush quickly followed by 4 streams from the super soakers, 2 of the balloons hit Angel on the head, one got Claire and 1 got Kat, the streams missed because of the shooters laughing, the 3 soggy adults walked into the ambush site to find the 4 oldest kids laughing, and Gabriel standing up holding onto a bucket, bouncing up and down with excitement and shouting "wea, wea, wea, momma wea!" he pointed, Angel picked him up and covered him with her wet hair, he shriked with delight "yes momma wet! I take it this was your plan?" Angel asked Kat. "I thought it would be a good bonding exercise for everyone, rather than them staring at screens all afternoon." the logic may have been sound but the implementation could have been better. The adults left the kids to their water fight in the woods and walked a soggy walk back to the house, Kat passed out towels and poured 3 glasses of wine, everyone took a drink. " that wasn't what we intended." Claire said Kat replied, "not really but you can't expect 5 kids to get on with no frame of reference, no unifying action, and at the moment unless Angel brings her partner in, Amy is the prime child care option. How would he take you dropping everything to go and save the world again?" Angel looked thoughtful and took a drink," I think we need to let him know. And you 2?" " married to the job" Claire said. "Devorced and not looking owing to deep seated psychology problems revolving around abandonment and trust issues" kat replied into her glass. "so I need to tell my partner, what's the best way to spring this on him? Hi honey, 20 years ago I helped save the world from a demonic invasion and for some reason they're trying again so I have to squeeze into an outfit I last wore when I was 17 and a lot smaller to save the world again." "maybe we should just do the transformation when he turns up to pick you up later?" Claire suggested "we are going to need to try that at some point." Kat pointed out. The 3 got their items out and put them on the table,"what time is he picking you up?" Angel gave a time, "gives us a couple of hours more. Do we do it now, and do we have to say it? " "if we are doing it, can we go outside, I'm still finding glitter from years ago when I hoover." the 3 picked up the items, drained their glasses and walked out into the garden. They tried to doing the movements, but nothing happened, embarrassed they looked at each other. " on 3?" Angel asked, Claire and Kat nodded. " 1, 2, 3," all 3 women intoned the words they never thought they'd speak again. "with the power of friendship, love and glitter, we will fight for the world" they intoned together. Each women glowed, from within, a rainbow rose above them and glitter flowed over the garden. As the rainbow subsided the women looked at each other, the then down at themselves. "oh hell no" Angel said "at least it fits you still..." Claire offered as she looked down at her own outfit "was this always a tankini?" , the scar from the horn very visible in the cut out of her outfit. "my ass is hanging out" Angel moaned, as she tried pulling the frilly orange skirt down to cover her dignity "you have more ass now" Kat said, the purple micro skirt and crop top leaveing the old, straight scars on her thighs, lots of them, as well as on her upper arms, visible " I was hoping for something more appropriate", she muttered, she went and got the flip phone out of the house, stamping any glitter off before she went in, opened it up and put her thumb on the crystal "hi, so we've done the transformation and I think we'd like to change the outfits if possible, maybe a bit of armour?" The intelligence replied, "you're immune from mundane attacks, why would you want to change your outfits?" "we aren't teenagers anymore? After getting trampled last time I'd like something a bit more armoured, and would like to hide this scar" Claire said. "to be honest I'm surprised this even fits me," Angel said. "it's practically magic from your point of view the dress will change as you do." "okay we might be immune to mundane weapons, but magical things can affect us, and there doesn't appear to be the same sort of cultist activity as last time, so I'd like something that would help keep me alive against magic and demon weapons as I feel we'll be facing that more than dick heads playing about to end the world. " Claire stated " wasn't it immortality they were after? " Kat questioned. " oh my god, how much under boob? " Angel tried adjusting her carnilean orange top. " can we add armour to the outfits? " Claire asked The intelligence thought," I believe so." and the 3 women transitioned to the Tomb. The black stone walls and odd lights looking fimilliar again, the fluid in tube moved sluggishly, the voice filled the room," follow the light", a willow the wisp formed and the of them followed it, walking down corridors they hadn't seen before, even Kat who'd slept here some times hadn't explored these chambers, dust and stale air was all they encountered, walking past an opening Kat saw a large chamber, filled with tubes like in the Tomb, from the quick glance she saw there was at least 12 of them, an opening on the other side was the same, she called the others and they walked into the chamber, it was huge and circular, and filled with hundreds of tubes all filled with the same mixture. "okay what the hell is this place?" Claire asked, the usual black stone walls, and red gold fittings on the tubes, a closer inspection of the tube showed it wasn't glass as the modern world knew it, it may have been a crystal of some type, there was nothing there on any tube they could see that looked like a control panel, eventually they walked back to the corridor and found the wisp was waiting for them, another minute of walking and the wisp took them into a side room, on the floor where several crystal circles, with a matching panel in the low celling, the voice filled the room, "stand on the circles and you will be measured." they did as asked, a beam of light linked both crystals, and a warmth entered each woman. "what was that last chamber?" Kat asked. "this is a prison, the Nephilim we captured are held asleep here, until humans are no more." "what?" Claire asked "at the birth of humanity my kind bred with humans, and created the Nephilim, they wanted to destroy all humans, we were able to stop them, but we couldn't bring ourselves to kill them so we sentenced them to sleep until the world could be theirs, we couldn't bring ourselves to destroy our wayward children." The light went out and it took a moment for their eyes to adjust to much lower light levels, a doorway had opened in a wall on one side of the room," please enter the armour, a selection of amour will be available shortly. " the 3 walked through the doorway, in the next room were racks of spears, swords, and other weapons, all taller than an average human weapons of the same type would be and made of the same reddy gold metal. They all had a closer look at one of the spears, taking it from the rack, the shaft was wider than should be comfortable, under the head was a small compartment, that clicked open, underneath was a red gem stone and a sliver of a strange pinkish rock, looking at the spear head embedded within the metal was an arrowhead of the same red gem, Claire clicked the cover back in place and did the cheer leader bit with it, spinning it around her head. "impressive." kat said, she took the spear and looked around the room, and noticing something in the distance, several chunks had been blasted from one of the walls, Kat brought the spear up and sighted down it, she could feel a strange tension in the weapon, she willed it to fire, but nothing happened, and she sighed, and and relaxed a bit, " rudy stun blast?" she tried still nothing. "try amethyst?" Claire suggested "amethyst stun blast?" Kat said, a beam of purple, with red edges shot out of the spear head and struck the wall. "oh yes." Claire and Angel both tried the spear, Kat told them about the tension, it seemed to take about 10 seconds to recharge after Kat got it to fire, before Angel could feel the tension in the weapon, her blast was triggered by a call of carnelian blast, the beam was orange with traces of red, and Claire's was white with red, they each picked up one of the spears, then looked at some of the other weapons. Angel stopped halfway along a rack of spears and clocked her head to one side and frowned, "can you hear singing?" "pardon?" "I think this one," Angel touched a spear, the tip glowed with a fimilliar orange glow, "was calling to me." it looked like it had been crafted for her. "it's not the strangest thing I've heard today. " Claire replied. Kat was walking past a warhammer and stopped, "I can hear it now," she looked at the weapons, one was smaller than the others and it was humming to her, she reached out and grabbed the handle it glowed purple. "okay hush, so let me see if I can find mine in here," Claire walked along racks of weapons, but heard nothing, she moved onto some exotic looking things, this time, Angel noticed something shifting in the rack as Claire walked towards it, she stopped and smiled, " I hear it," she reached out and took hold of a sword, it glowed briefly with a white light. The 3 of them returned to the archway, and not long after another part of the wall opened and 3 piles of armour were there on top of each was what looked like a black cat suit, each set of armour sang to the one it was in tune with. " err, do we just put this on over this?" Angel asked, tugging at the orange tankini "put the black suit on first, the armour plates will fit onto the black suit, and it will bond with your priestess outfits" the voice replied. "priestess outfits?" "my kind, the Nephilim and your Atlanitians all had a priestess class that could channel the Earth engery and that let them perform feats. You each carry within you that ability, it is why the armour and weapons react to you as they have." Claire, Kat and Angel looked at each other, each putting the black suit on first, then they helped each other get into their armour" when you change back, the items will bond, your new weapons appear after you change back into your new armour." " would it be possible to mount the spear head on the back of this glove?" Kat asked," rather than carrying around the polearm." "I believe so, do you all wish this?" Claire and Angel agreed "I will have the adjustments done by this time tomorrow. I will return you home now." The 3 of them transitioned into the garden, stirring up more glitter, then they looked at each other, "descended from ancient priestess?" Angel asked. "still not the strangest thing I've heard today," Claire replied, "wine?" Kat asked, looking again at her friends, "let's change back first." they used the original items and waved it around and spoke the words, "everything is safe" and changed back into what they had been wearing before. "lot of scars Kat." Angel said. "I struggled to cope, the cutting helped. In a way, it reminded me I was alive." Angel held her hand, "if you hadn't disappeared on us we'd have helped you, it wasn't easy for either of us afterwards, lots of questions that we couldn't answer." "somethings haven't really changed." Kat replied. They talked about training and practice ideas and fielding request for drinks and snacks until there was a knock on the door, Angel's husband was let into the house, and introduced to everyone. Angel looked at her kids and her husband and smiled, "Zander honey there's something you need to know, we did something 20 years ago, and it looks like we'll have to do it again and soon. And there's something we need to show you all." while Angel was talking, Kat had poured a shot of vodka from the freezer for Zander, and handed it to him, " you'll want this in a moment, " she said," okay everyone into the garden, there's about to be a mountain of glitter. " everyone went out into the garden, Angel, Claire and Kat walked onto the grass and got everyone to stay on the deck, they drew the items, and intoned the words " with the power of friendship, love and glitter, we will fight for the world" Again they glowed, from within, the rainbow rose above them and glitter flowed over the garden. Gabriel shrieked with delight and clapped, Amy looked surprised, Thea, Valentina and Raul stood open mouthed and Zander knocked back the vodka in one. "hurh, can I have another?" he asked, holding out the glass.
Just realised I should change part of the Rainbow Sparkle Power Friends Reunion story, involving the weapons and armour from repurposed Nephilim to the Defenders of humanity. So here's the bit that will be edited into the blog post when it's done, but leave the original here
The 3 friends walked through the opening into the next chamber, they saw racks and racks of weapons, the nearest set of racks had spears, Angel counted 20 on the first rack, and 5 more racks with the same amount of spears on each rack, for a total of 100, beyond the first set of racks was another this one had various different weapons, Claire walked past the spears to see what else there was, Angel followed her, Kat plucked one of the spears from the rack, in the head there was what looked like emeralds, she put it back. Angel stopped and tilted her head. "Can you that?" Angel was standing beside a spear, she looked at one in particular. "I dont hear a thing" Claire said, looking at Kat, "nothing here. Oh wait" Kat turned her head from side to side "I hear something from this one" Angel reached out and touched one of the spears, and the only visible difference between this and any of the others was this one looked to have the same carnelian stones set in the head as we're in Angel's shield, there was a shimmer of orange light along the red gold length of the weapon as Angel picked it up. "that's new" Claire noted, she walked slowly past the racks,"ah, i can hear something" Claire slowed down and ran her fingers along the rack, she looked at the spear head and saw diamonds embedded in the head, her fingers closed around it a white corona hazed out from the spear head, Kat picked up the one that had been singing to her, purple light hazed between her hand and the spear, holding it in her hand Kat felt like a part of her she hadn't know was missing had been returned. Claire was doing a cheerleader baton twirl with hers, Angel was sighting down the room with it at the far wall, she breathed out, "Carnelian beam" and a beam of orange light with traces of yellow, lanced down to the far wall blowing out a chunk, "what the fuck?" Kat asked "how the fuck more like" Claire said. Angel looked at the other 2, "I don't know how, I felt a tension in the weapon and willed it to release the words helped focus it." Claire and Kat lined up where Angel had been and adopted the same stance, Kat felt the pent up tension, "amethyst beam!" a purple beam with a black core fwooshed from the spear head and impacted into the back wall, "Diamond beam" Claire's beam went a split second later, this was white, with traces of rainbow light in there. "oh that's better" Claire said as the debris from the impact skittered across the black stone floor. The 3 of them went deeper into the room beyond the racks of spears were racks of weapons, kopesh like swords, straight swords, axes, hammers and maces, all made from the same red gold alloy, they stopped at the end of the spears. "one at a time?" Kat asked the others agreed, Angel went first as she seemed to be the one to hear the singing first, she walked down one side slowly, pausing at the end of the racks, "there's 2 rooms off to each side here," Angel turned pointing to both sides of the room. "what's in there?" Claire asked, Angel put head round the doorway, "armour, lots of suits of armour on this side, and," she walked across the room to the other doorway, "more suits of armour" Angel walked back up towards Claire and Kat, about 2/3rds of the way back she stopped and listened, she bent towards the rack and pulled out a large round shield, with a notch in, "okay a large shield and a spear," she slipped the straps over her arm and pulled them tight, the leather as supple and new as if it had just been made Angel struck a pose with them. Claire waved Kat forward, she followed Angel's footsteps, walking down one side of the room, at the last rack before the doorway Kat heard the keening, she looked down at the choice, of the weapons there one seemed to be rhimed in purple St elmos fire, she picked it up and gave it swing, it was like it had been made for, she walked back up to Angel and Claire. "your turn." Angel said to Claire. Claire walked down the opposite side that Kat had, getting to the last of the racks she stopped beside a long slightly curved sword, she also took a small shield out of the rack, white light flickered across it's face as Claire fitted it to her right arm, hefting the sword in her left arm, Angel and Kat joined her, "Kat you go first, I'd suggest trying that side room first," Claire said, point to the same side she'd got her weapon from, the 3 of them walked to the doorway, and Kat walked through first, on each side of the room under a light was 25 suits of red gold armour, some looked to have been built for men some for women, although none of them were sexualised, this looked like armour that was meant to keep you safe first and foremost, Kat walked down one side, Claire leaned in and whispered to Angel, nodding towards a suit, Angel shook her head, Kat was oblivious to this looking at each suit as she went, noticing a gem stone on the breast of each suit, she looked around and saw the purple stones near the doorway, and skipping the other suits, she heard the keening as she got closer to the suit that was singing. "okay now what?" she asked "ask the Intelligence?" Claire suggested, Kat took out the flip phone and put her thumb on the top crystal. "yes?" the Intelligence asked "okay I've found a suit that is singing to me. Do I strip off and put it on?" "for now, place your hand on the gem on the chest, then return to the chamber with the circles of light when you have all found the suit attuned to you." "okay" Kat placed her hand on the gem, again the St elmos fire hazed over the armour. Kat suggested to Angel and Claire to look for a suit that had the gem stone matched their colour. "okay I was already thinking that as I noticed the gems on the chest, but there's no diamonds in here, but there is a black stone, is that obsidian or Jet?" Claire said pointing at the one suit that had a black stone on it. "not a clue" Kat said, as Angel walked up to the orange gems, "no nothing here, let's try the other side." the 3 of them walked back across the room and again saw 12 sets of armour on each side wall with 1 suit on the wall cross wall, Claire walked straight up to the suit with the diamond "that's mine," she said touching the stone white lightning flashed over the suit , Angel found the one singing to her, and touched the stone, again the orange lightning played over it. They returned to the first room, and stood on the circles the light played over them, each of the ladies developed their coloured glow, there were 2 pulse of white light and one pulse of black light and the 3 of them were standing in their armour, with their new weapons, the old ones had been mounted on the back of Kats and Claire's hands, Angel's was on her shoulder. They each looked at the others and smiled, they walked back to the Tomb, "so where does this stuff come from?" Kat asked the Intelligence. "we built it for you. We built them for the Glorious 100, the first of humanity that we gave the ability to use Earth Energy to, to aid in defending humans from the Nephilim, we made 50 males and 50 females at first over time we had to make more, and also you bred as only humans do, sometimes one of your own would be able to manipulate the Earth Energy. It appears that over the years the ability has become rare amongst you." " okay, so what you're saying is the 3 of us here are the descents of the first people you created that can do this?" Claire asked " yes. " the Intelligence replied. " hur, nope not sure what to make of that " Angel said. " possibly the strangest thing I've heard today. Listen is there someway of putting the spear head on one of the gauntlets? The warhammer is a 2 handed weapon as is the spear if I just have the bit needed to fire the beam and the head mounted it'll mean I'm less encumbered " Kat asked The Intelligence took a moment to think about it, "I believe I can do this, do any more of you require this alteration?" Claire said she did, Angel demured, "it will take a day or so for me to work do this." "thanks," Kat and Claire said "is that all?" The Intelligence asked, when no one had anything to say the Intelligence translated them back, when their eyes had adjusted to the light in garden they found that they'd been changed back into the training gear they'd been wearing earlier only now it was speckled with glitter.

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