Tuesday, 30 June 2020

Goal Achieved!

Okay it's a revised goal, with only 1 mini that needed painting, but it's still one of the goals for 2020 completed. There's a couple of things missing, one is the Nephilim jet fighter as that's in a separate box in another part of the house, along with the second squadron of Land Speeders.
The vast majority of the 2nd Company.
Talon Master, and Chaplain on bike Samiel on jet bike, Librarian on bike and Dark Talon
Land Speeder Squadron 1 hang on I think I've done more of these, they must be in the box with the Nephilim.
Squadron 1 and 2.
Squadron 4 and 6 it looks like I forgot I'd done an attack bike for squadron 6 already, but that's not a worry. Yes the numbering is odd, as the original plan was to do 2 squadrons of old bikes I have as squadron 3 and 5 which, with the new bikes coming out I'm looking at doing those as squadron 3 and 5 for now, to replace those 2 squadrons that have (now been) lost to the long struggle of what's called the Indomitus Crusade.
Okay yes one of the bike Sgt for those Primaris bikers will be getting posed like this.


Frost and Fists said...

Great job with the Raven Wing, my man!!!

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