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Rainbow Sparkle Power Friends Reunion Part 5.

moar ritinz
Amy took the shot glass from Zander, and went into the kitchen, poured a small shot for herself and knocked it back, grimacing as the vodka went down, then poured a second shot for Zander, went back into the garden, carrying the bottle, and handed the glass to Zander, who knocked it back and held the glass out again for a top up, Amy poured. "okay looks like I'm driving," Angel noted. "..." Zander looked like he was about to say something then stopped, he put the glass down and rubbed his hands over his face, trailing his fingers off his chin, "okay this is not what I expected," he pointed at Kat, "I remember you now, you put the quarter back in hospital with a dislocated shoulder, elbow, knee and ankel, several broken fingers, a fractured jaw." "he didnt want to take 'no' for my answer, I was just the first to insist." Kat replied, Zander looked down at his hands, "things at home weren't great, I wasn't in a good place and we had the pressure of saving the world from the millennium cultist on our shoulders, it happened, I'm not proud of it." "okay, so what happens now? Are the cults back?" "we don't know." Claire answered, "what we do know is something happened earlier this week that woke the old items up, charged them I don't know which it is," she finished. Kat carried on," the intelligence from before the dawn of humanity," Zander and Amy both looked like they had questions, Gabriel had bum shuffled onto the grass and was throwing handfuls of glitter up in the air, and giggling in delight" says there are 2 portals forming that it can detect, which gives us a window to train." Amy got in first," before the dawn of humanity?" Kat looked at her daughter, "apparently" "what does it look like?" "no idea, it's in some kind of crystal tube that's full of a weird gas so we can't see it, but the impression is, it's bigger than a person." Zander got his question out,"why you 3?" Angel, Kat and Claire looked at each other. Claire answered, "it has something to do with our genetics, the 3 of us have a fairly rare gene that we share with the intelligence from before the dawn of humanity, another species and Atlantian Priestesses..." "and before you start on the tin foil hat speech, this stuff," Angel indicated her armour and the shield, "were made by the second lot, in a bid to destroy all humanity, they failed. Diamond Rainbow there had some tests done on her fan and the metal was a weird alloy of copper, zinc and gold, each panel is a single diamond," Angel planted her spear in the grass" this was singing to me which is how I found it, " she looked at the shield and noticed a new cut out in the metal," this," she ran her hand over it," wasn't there this morning, " she picked up the spear and slid it into the cut out, it was perfect for her eye line, she turned, sighted on the missing fence panel "carnelian blast" she said, the beam foowshed down the garden and blew another branch off the unfortunate tree. "the only time I've seen anything like this is in the films" all 4 kids not busy throwing glitter in the air watched the beam with varying degrees of awe "I'm seeing, the believing is being worked on." Zander said, he reached for the bottle and poured himself another shot "so you could be whisked away to fight something and to what?" "we don't know, one of the things we need to learn is how to close the rips, Morven, the 4th member of our old group, seemed to have the most natural talent in that department, and the last time we saw here she was trapped on the wrong side of a rift." Kat finished, shuddering at the memory of her friend loosing an arm, "she was the one who had the red hair wasn't she?" Zander asked. "yes" "lived out by Wheeler Ave Park?" "yes" "had the bow and the daggers, wore the blue outfit?" "yes" "and she's trapped on the other side?" "it's called the Umbral realm or the shadow realm, emotions are heightend over there, its confusing. The millennium cults looked to open our world up to it." Claire filled in. "You know I was surprised nothing happened in 2012 thinking about it." Kat mused, "what with the whole Mayan calendar thing." Angel looked at her husband, "so if I ring you saying you need to pick the kids up, then it means something to do with this" Angel waved to encompass the 3 of them and what they were wearing, "has come up, okay?" "sure, I think it's a bit much to take in in one go." Zander replied. "I understand hun, but it's this or... Well it's this. " Angel didn't want to think of the alternative, "Change back?" Angel asked, they did the movement and said the words and changed back into the training gear they'd been wearing earlier. Claire suggested they meet up for a run up the Canyon Park on Sunday morning, with the stipulation of no magic and no ambush with water bombs. Gabriel and half a ton of glitter were put in car seat, another half ton was dragged into the house, and they waved Angel, and Zander and the kids off, Claire got back in her car and drove home to Pamona. Kat and her daughters ordered their usually Saturday take out, then she got the hoover out and made a start on removing the glitter while Thea took the Warhammer into the woods and practiced with it. When Kat had finished this round of hoovering Amy broached her next question. "so this thing, how does it work?" "I have no idea, it's something I can feel. It's like we said, something in the make up of the weapon was singing to me. It chose me I think, the armour was similar, although I think the old guy had seen the choices before and picked the plates with a... Frequency is the closest word I can give you, that matched the things we already had." " so how do they work? " "It's something to do with channeling Earth Energy, as far as I understand it, we can focus a fraction of it to discharge through the weapon. " " so lay lines are like a recharge point? " " I think so, I don't understand it, to be honest this is something I only found out today, 20 years ago it worked, I didn't question it." "so how do the rips happen?" "I have no idea, last time around the Heralds had people working on this side to open the way, the old guy said that this time they are working from the other side to force an opening, so we need to learn to close them. So after my run tomorrow I'll be going to the Tomb to learn how to do it, or at least get a start on it, which means I'll need you to cook dinner okay? " " I was kind of hoping to come with you to get a look at the Tomb. " Amy asked looking hopeful. " that does means bringing Thea as well, we can't leave her here on her own." " okay." "are you hoping that something sings?" Kat asked. "Yes, kind of, I think." Amy replied. "it's hard enough being 15, saving the world is a heavy responsibility to lump on your shoulders as well." Kat scrambled for her lap top bag and got out the DNA tests," okay, Claire gave me these the other day," she opened the pack and read the instructions, and took her own sample, handed Amy one and asked if she wanted to do it herself or have Kat do it, Amy read the instructions and did it herself, leaving the last test for Thea," I'll give those back to Claire tomorrow to get this processed and we can see if you have the gene." again there was a knock on the door and the food had arrived, "do you want to plate up or go and get your sister?" Kat asked. "I'll plate up," Amy replied, going into the kitchen and getting plates and cutlery out, Kat walked out of the sliding doors and down the garden, through the hole in the fence and found Thea hitting a tree with the hammer. "anything?" Kat asked "nope, just the hammer." Thea stated. "the foods here, come on," Kat took the hammer off her daughter and started walking back towards the house, "there's a dna test at home I'd like you to take, find out if you have a particular gene, okay?" Thea looked at her mum, "the same one you have?" "yep" "okay" "tomorrow afternoon, I'm going back to the Tomb, hopefully to learn how to close the rifts", Kat looked at Thea, " Amy wants to come, and do a bit of tomb rading I think, do you want to come?" "are you kidding?!" Thea looked really made up, "yes! I'd love to see this place, what's it like?" she asked, "mind the glitter," Kat sighed as they walked back into the house, "black stone walls, grey white lights, chilly air, dust, hundreds of prisoners from an unspecified time ago, and a crystal tube that talks to us," they sat at the dining table and Amy put their meals in front of them, before getting hers and sitting down as well," one last thing, you can't tell anyone about this, no one. Okay? " Kat looked at both girls, both agreed." eat up, your Kim chee is getting cold." The next morning was sunny and warm, Kat put a fresh t-shirt and shorts on, down stairs she poured yesterday's coffee into a flower bed, cleaned it up and put a fresh pot on, she kicked herself for not putting a water bottle in the fridge the night before, so she put her purse in the laptop bag, along with the dna tests and reminded herself to stop at the store and buy some chilled water. She made pancakes for the girls to have breakfast, left them a note to let them know about the pancakes, then set off for the canyon Park and the hiking trails, picking up the water and getting to the park as Angel pulled in to parking lot, they greeted each other and stretched, there was a bit of banter about the up coming run and who'd come last. Claire who had a longer drive got there 5 minutes late, adjusted her fit bit and approached Angel and Kat, "morning!" "morning." "hay, so plans?" Angel asked "I was thinking of running up to the picnic point, have a drink, over to the far side, and back on the other side of the canyon, avoiding the horse shit." "why not go that way first then, we can get the crap out of the shoes on the road back?" Angel suggested "I hadn't thought about that, okay makes sense." The 3 of them set of together, Claire's regular exercise paying dividends as she outpaced the other 2, pausing regularly to let them catch up on the winding bridleway, after 20 minutes they reached the turn and grabbed a drink, then down to the base and up the other side to the picnic area, where Claire was again waiting.
"I used to come here nearly everyday when the girls were little," Kat puffed, sitting down on one of the benches "its a nice view" Angel panted, getting her breath back, "have to bring Gabriel up here some time, when we've managed to wash the glitter off" they sat, drank some water and enjoyed the view for 10 minutes. Kat spoke up, "I'm going to the Tomb this afternoon, going to see about learning how to close the rifts." she took a drink. Claire looked at her, "that's a good idea, we just used to beat the crap out of the bad guys and Morven did that bit, we need to learn how to do that." "I'll take notes, let you guys know. I'm also planning to practice with the new stuff while over there, see if there's more we can do with it than the older stuff." "you mean up the rating of the cartoon from G to PG13?" Angel joked. "maybe, we don't know what we will be going up against this time. We fought magical creatures once and got our asses kicked, knock downs and stunning blows are okay for humans as they can't hurt us when we're powered up but it doesn't sound like we'll be fighting people this time. I want to make sure they're down and staying down." Kat finished " have you wondered if there is any more kids out there that it's contacted? " Claire asked " I hope not. " both Angel and Kat said together " it's just that it's just the 3 of us doing this, it might be too much for us." " if we can get on top of it 3 might be all we need, maybe find a way we can integrate a computer into it's system then we can track things ourselves? That would help a bit, wouldn't it?" Kat asked. " maybe use that DNA database to track down others with the marker you talked about, but see if they are able to use the stuff?" Angel suggested. " miss use of FBI computers and a public access DNA database, yeah don't see any disciplinary action if that goes wrong." Claire grouse, she took a drink. Kat checked her watch, then asked Claire about the database, getting her to email a link later, as Kat could check while on breaks from work on the lap top. They talked about training for a while, and then jogged down the paved road back to the parking lot. Kat unlocked her car and brought out the heart wand, "hands on" she said, holding the shaft, Claire and Angel both put a hand on the gem, "amethysts healing heart," she said, there was a brief pulse of purple light and a warmth spread through them all, tense muscles from the exercise relaxed and they felt better already. "I missed that," Angel said, "shame it couldn't do anything the last time we fought." Kat apologised. They arranged a group chat on what's app for the evening to get everyone up to speed on the latest round of training, got in their cars and drove home, Kat's route took her past Papas Sandwich store so she pulled in and got herself and the girls lunch.

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