Tuesday, 23 June 2020

The Lords of Old Troupe

As I'm currently awaiting magnets for the Spider Aelf, I've taken these home for now. After checking when I got home I had only 9, so for now I've added one of the old minis back into the squad, and I'm hunting some "Classic" 40k Dark Eldar minis, the one I'm most interested in is one of the Vect Incubi, which I've got a bid on. So far I've got the minis below, so I'll the Dire Avengers Exarch and Cru Ella Devile as well as 3 old metal minis with Harlequins kisses. I need to learn to count, obviously.
If you've been reading for a while you know I like dreads, and several projects have had dreads as a central theme, this gets a little rambling here so bare with me, I checked my bank on the way to work yesterday, and I have enough for a little treat. As is know, the sacred number of Nurgle is 7, and last year I did these 6.
So with my expendable income (yes I have donated a trolley full of shopping to my local food bank), do I get the Forge World Death Guard Dreadnought to finish this off or should I get a cheap box dread and a blight drone and see what I can do with it?

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