Thursday, 11 June 2020

Monthly Vow 12th Of June To The 13th of July

Okay, I admit I pretty much missed any goals I set last month, actually after checking the last monthly vow post, I didn't expect to get much done anyway, and I started writing again which, while not 40k or miniature related is still something creative and I'm enjoying it. Targets for next month, well I have the grave yard kits to still do, but I'm aiming to get one finished, just need as there's plenty of details in each one, and I need an led kit for one as well, the pistol arm still needs doing for Lazarus, if I run him with the plasma as a captain I also have to give him a power fist, LT's get a lot more variety than Company Masters,I'll still be writing the Rainbow Sparkle Power Friends Reunion story, part 5 should be going up, and checks time, later today at some point, going forward I'm think a part per week depending on how it's grabbed me. At least one of the Repulsor tanks will be finished this month there is also all the alternative minis for the Lords Of Old Troupe to do, and lastly,but first the Gouf Custom I got will be built first, not sure about painting it just yet, will see how it goes.
Review Time
And boy is it a short one and blogger seems to be fritzing out when I try to upload a photo, so not sure if it's my end or their's but I've tried WiFi and data and it's not working on both, so I guess it's more likely their end.
Started off with a white night, I did the horses for the dread Knights, and the base coat for the paladin as well as adding the Cru Ella Devile mini to this project, I spent a fair bit of time on ebay getting the rest of the Phoenix Lords, all apart from the Dire Avenger one, as the Exarch I've already got is the same pose, just minus the pistol and a less flamboyant helmet, I've now got them all for this project.
The purple was done on the 2 minis for the Lords of Old the next night as well as the black on the riders as I had taken the contrast black out of the box, as well as the purples.
The 2 dread Knights got there contrast black and dawn stone highlight, bones got the camo shade wash, the metal was done with brass scorpion.
The next unplanned thing was a Warp Spider Exarch conversions, this time using the new Drazhar mini as the base, thanks to the mate of mine who'd donated loads of bits I spent a while rooting through the De bits for the guns that look kind of like the Web spinners, an arm I could use to put it on, the trophy skull, and a dual couple of claws from a talos kit to put on the mouth
After those had been found and I'd attached the fangs / mandibles with green stuff I rooted through the Harlequins bits as the Jain Zar had been armless, I gave her a fusion pistol and a pole arm, I also glued a 2 pence piece to the base as the big hair gives the mini a high center of gravity.
There were 3 troupers with Kisses, so I'll be running Cru Ella Devile as a 4th kiss, Jain Zarr and Fire Dragon Phoenix Lord will be my fusion pistols, and I and 6 of them are stage projections. Beyond that it was writing this month and the usual pre new edition malady of what's the point.


Frost and Fists said...

You may have missed your targets, but very cool progress still! Also, it's awesome that you got into the writing groove again!
~ Wolfbrother Methos

Poxy Proxy Predator said...

Thanks, it's also important to not stress about missing the targets