Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Rainbow Sparkle Power Friends Reunion Part 3

Rainbow Sparkle Power Friends Reunion Part 3. Saturday morning dawned bright and warm, Kat went down stairs in her slippers, pj's and dressing gown, and got a fresh pot of coffee on, she went over to the book case while the water filtered through and pulled out the cartoon film of the old adventure, the one that ended the series, and put it in the player, while it played through the copyright notice and trailers she got a bowl of cereal and poured herself a coffee, sitting down she watched the cheap animation start, Thea joined her on the sofa, with Amy following about half an hour late, just before the last rift opened at Trinity in New Mexico for the other side the animaters used a place called the Bisti Badlands as their reference, on one side you had a nuclear test sight on one side with its semi apocalyptic blasted waste land and the wind blasted barren desert on the other side.
The 4 girls in the cartoon stood firm at the rift, until one of the 4 Heralds, the serial protagonist of the show, managed to project a Minotaur onto the Trinity side, the cartoon girls were busy throwing power blasts, and Morven/Sapphire was casting the binding power to close the hole in reality when the charge from behind caught them by surprise, rather than showing Diamond Rainbow impaled on its horns like had happened the cartoon had her floored by a blow from its club, Tangerine Dream turned and beat it down with several dream strikes from her shield, Morven/Sapphire spoke the last incantation to seal the rift, and the Minotaur in a heedless dash dragged her across with it, the cartoon showed the 3 remaining friends tearful but hopeful that they'd saved the world, not like it had been with Claire in hemorrhagic shock as she bled out around the horn, Angel with several stress fractures after beating the crap out of a monster twice her size and 3 cases of PTSD and feeling like even though they'd saved the world, the loss of one of their number had lead to a break up of the team up for nearly 20 years. Kat wiped away her fresh tears, and Thea hugged her, "love you mom." she said, holding her tight. Amy joined the hug. "so what really happened? We've seen the film several times now and you've never reacted like that before" Kat swallowed and sniffed back her tears, and went over the details of the fight, mostly it had been close until the end, with Claire on the horns Angel going berserker on the Minotaur, then it somehow getting up, and biting down on Morven's arm and shoulder, it running through the closing rip with her hanging from its mouth. The last sight Kat had had was Morven falling beyond the event horizon, an arm missing where it had been bittern off, how Kat had screamed and tried to follow, to get Morven back but was too slow, how they'd been transfered to outside a hospital and how the last time she'd seen Angel and Claire was as they were taken away into the trauma room for emergency surgery and several minor operations to realign an arm, Kat already being kick out of her home for undisclosed school displian and falling grades had gone off grid for about a year, sleeping rough mostly, before being found by her aunt who'd taken her in, put in touch with a Councillor and when Kat had trusted her enough to tell her the story, also with War Child, first for the specialist help required and then as a Councillor herself after they'd helped her get the qualifications she'd needed. Kat looked at the wall clock, "better get some lunch on, before everyone gets here later." Amy looked at her mum, "I'll do lunch, you get a shower." "thanks" Kat went upstairs and showered, putting on some cycling shorts and a loose top, she went down stairs and got the pasta and salad Amy had throw together, the 3 sat and ate. As Thea washed up and Kat dried and put away, Thea asked "how much did dad know?" "Enough, it isn't easy for me to talk about it, but I told him a few things, he liked the idea of being with someone that had saved the world, dealing with the baggage wasn't something he could handle." "so that's why he left?" "part of it, but I wasn't great at dealing with it either, it wasn't his fault, don't fall out with him about it." Kat warned. After they'd finished washing up Kat had an idea, "do me a favour, go and grab the super soakers." Thea looked slightly confused but went to the garage and came back on with 2, "and the rest," Kat chided her daughter, she came back with the other 4,"pass me 1, and you go and fill those on the back tap," Amy came in as Kat was filling the second one. "cool a water fight!" "no, this is a plan, grab those 2," Kat pointed to the full ones, "and follow me." "okay..." Amy picked up the water pistols and followed her mum to the garden. "right as you know my old friends are coming round today, we doing a training run through the forest out back, I'd like you and Angel's kids to go into the woods and set an ambush for us," Kat explained the route she'd be taking and left it up to Amy and Thea to work it out between them, the girls huddled together, Amy suddenly leaned back and gasped, looked at her mum and closed her mouth, and went back in the house, a huge smile on her face, Thea had her 'up to something' look, Kat left them to what ever it was they were doing and went and put a couple of bottles of wine in the fridge, some vodka in the freezer and a fresh pot of coffee on.

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