Friday, 19 June 2020

The Warp Spider Exarch Conversions

Started this one a couple of weeks ago by rooting through the DE bits to find the blasters, head and arms I needed and scouring ebay for a Warp Spider Exarch and a cheap plastic Drazhar. I started off by sniping the skull from the trophy rack, a Blaster from it's arm and a couple of mandibular looking things from the talos body, those got green stuffed to the skull, and I left that alone to set. I glued the Blaster to a wytch arm as shown in the first pic. The drazhar body was filed down on the back to get the jump generator to fit better, and I started playing around with the various arms and head to get a decent looking pose. When I got back to work I made a start on painting it for my Harlequins army, and one of the Troupes specialises in playing the Lords of the old Aeldari race, I started with the ushabati bone base coat followed by a screaming skull coat, then a coat of deepkin flesh then finally white Scar, the weapons have had an agrax earthshade wash, just need to give them a screaming skull dry brush and then give this and everything else I got white tonight some purple bits, but as I have one more I need to paint white tomorrow I'm holding off on that till I get everything ready.

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