Sunday, 28 February 2016

Busy Weekend.

Tied up some loose ends this weekend, finished off the last rider for my chop shop Skyweavers,

Went for a dynamic action pose with this guy.

Just don't look to closely at the other left arm...
I'd had to fix this one after the trip to Warhammer World.

Glued the body back on and added a new head which was painted up last night.

Made a start on my counts as Shadow Spectors by base coating the Death Jesters with ushabati bone then an oxide wash and left them to dry.
And lastly started on Cross Bones the latest addition to my 1st Company dreads.

I got to this stage and thought it was okay but I wanted to add something to it so went a bit daft trying various swords out on the front plate, mostly to hide that great big drop of blood, but none of them really worked.

So at a suggestion I tried the company veteran Combat Shield.

And after triming the arm off it looked fine.

So I'm now left with the Spirit Walkers to get made up for Telvig and The Dread Filled Month and I've made a start on the counts as Shadow Spectors but need a hammer and some goggles before I go any further as I'm breaking some slate up for those.

Good job I buy my green stuff in 3ft strips from the Troll Trader.

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