Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Sun's Out, Dreads Out

Spent another productive night painting dreads last night, I took the 2 metal Venerable to touch them up as a couple of bits were missing and with the extras now knocking about I was able to get the missing bits finished.

The Chaplin dread just got a single leg plate added.

The Not a Warden in White got 2 shin guards added.

I also painted black over the paldrons of the last 3 Glorious 1000 turning them onto Black Shields.

While I was putting them away I had the boxes out so I got both groups done quickly. The Knights of Blood have one more being worked on that will be another Death Company dread.

All 3 of the metal venerables, The Eternal Guard of The Lion's Blades, Librarian Furiosi dreasnought Mydryn of The Knights of Blood and lastly Chaplin Sephiroth.

All of the Lion's Blades Dreads.

3 Third Company dreads.

Wrecked dread made from a Blackreach dread.

3 First Company dreads.

Chaplin and 2 Contemptors.

And lastly 4 Space Crusade Dreads.

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