Sunday, 14 February 2016


Made a start on my Dread force last night.

These are what I had with me, plastic Furioso, metal Furioso, and 2 plastic Space Crusade Dreads and 3 sets of legs oddly.

I base coated in black as I wasn't sure which way to go with it, 9th Company or bone for the 1st Company after a quick poll on the Facebook DA group I'm going bone with it. The second image is the one I already have painted, while at this stage I also fitted it with magnets for the guns.

I also did everything else black as well, apart from the old metal Furioso which had a base of Kharak stone

I left them to dry, had some left over stir fry and later went back to them all to give them an ushabati bone dry brush.
When I get round to them tonight I'll give everything a nuln oil wash before I get the Space Crusade any further, but before I do that I have to give the metal Furioso a half coat of orange and the plastic a base coat of mechanicum red.

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