Friday, 12 February 2016

Monthly Vow 14th of January the 12th of Feburary

Nearly did it this month!

The last 3 for the Masque Of The Breaking Dawn.

And the chop shop Skyweavers, 1 left and I have my first full Masque.

The Spartan had the weapons finished, I need to get my big box of tanks out and put it safely away for now and move my Terminators out of there as well.

Managed a big game down at Warhammer World.

Still wouldn't argue with Bugman's Bouncer.

Lucky find on ebay gave me a monthly task namely the Dread Filled Month.

Finished the riders on the Skyweavers

And touched up the Nobility of Old Troupe

As well as naming and getting finished Grandmother, The Lady Aave, Wraith Seer and Consort Queen of Telvig.

I even tried something new...
And my last of the month as I wasn't going to get the War Walker finished,

Were these 2.
So next month is lots of Dreads. Here's hoping I can get close to my target...

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