Monday, 8 February 2016

Dread Filled Month

I've been thinking of trying to do a themed month for a while but couldn't think of one till now, so next month, 12th Feb to 12th March, I'm looking at doing a month of Dreadnoughts. To start with I'm getting another Bjórn kit, this will be broken up, use the Venerable for my Deathwing (1), the axe will be going on my Contemptor, this is on hold until the DA Contemptor gets released, the Murder Fang action arm will be going on Timberwolf along with the Fell Hand claw and a bucket full of heavy flamers, he'll be classed as being armed with twin linked Heavy Flamers, one hand will have 2 on (2). The Murder Fang claws will be going on a second Death Company Dreadnought (3) for the Knights Of Blood. Next up is the Spirit Warrior for the Exodites that I plan to run as a War Walker (4). I also want to get the 2 Space Crusade Dreadnoughts painted as well (5,6), the standard version will be painted for the Deathwing and the 4 armed version will at first be painted black to see how it looks and I might open a poll on the Facebook Dark Angel page to see if I should re-paint it for the Deathwing or re-paint the Deathwing one to black (possibly 7). If there is time left after all this I'll slip the 3 Vorax in as well (8,9,&10).
Yes I know one is just an arm and one is just a repaint this could be argued to be 5 (8 with the Vorax), better get myself in gear

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