Wednesday, 3 February 2016

What A Day, What A Lovely Day!

Got my hands on the legs I've been after for ages!

There is a plan for this guy, points allowing of course, until I get my paws on a Deredo Class dread this chap will be supported by the 2 standard Space Crusade Dreadnoughts, when I get the Deredo this guy wI'll be going on a shorter set of legs alongside the other one I already have as support for that guy.

Came with 3 of these that I'm going to prime as well and paint in The Lion's Blades colours.

And all of this as well, weapons will be used, dread will be painted, usual stuff. Just waiting till my kitchen floor has dried after the latest mopping so I can get out in the sun (yes sun!), and prime all these and the Robot bits as well.

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