Thursday, 4 February 2016

The Elves Have Been In The Night

Had a productive night, a bit like a certain shoe maker, you could say...

I'll start off with the chop shop Skyweavers, I got 3 out of 4 riders seated, magnetised and painted last night

Sorry this one is a bit dark, but it was 4am when I took it.

I then added some purple to the last troupe of Harlequins, one more rider and we are finished on the first troupe!

I also made a start on Grandmother The Lady Aave for my Exodite Army.

I did the hair to match the various versions of her that are the Aurtarchs

In a first I actually added various wash shades to some of the gem stones.

Got her base coated in ushabati bone and washed in sepia.

Berfore the dry brush fun started!

She activated her holofields...

From the left with the staff weapon.

From the right showing her big D weapon.

And front view, I still have a few bits to do on this, like paint the leaves and a couple more dry brush coats but I already like Lady Aave a lot.

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